• Advanced Makerspace Kit
  • Advanced Makerspace Kit
  • Advanced Makerspace Kit
  • Advanced Makerspace Kit
  • Advanced Makerspace Kit

Bộ công cụ Makerspace nâng cao

This kit is mainly used to learn electronic and programming related knowledge. The kit consists of 30+ electronic module types. The course is categorized by project units, focusing on the principles and programming usage of electronic modules, applied by project-based learning with creative ideas. Classrrom set, one set can be shared by 4 students.

Advanced Maker Space Kit is theme-oriented kit, students will learn the theory, usage, codes, and application with mechanical structures for over 40 different electronic modules in three theme projects step by step. Comply to Science, Physics, and computer science subjects. This kit will teach and practice students with below abilities:
  • Tư duy logic và phân tích cơ bản
  • Kiến thức lập trình cơ bản
  • thiết bị của các cảm biến phổ biến và mô-đun đầu ra
  • Phân tích và giải quyết vấn đề trong dự án chủ đề
  • Làm việc nhóm và chia sẻ

The goal of the "Make a Young Wise Creator II” course guides project-based teaching from three dimensions and five themes. The three dimensions refer to the knowledge and skill dimension, the process and method dimension, and the emotion dimension; the five themes refer to the five major themes of thinking logic training theme, intelligent racing theme, creative game theme, intelligent transportation parking system theme, and smart home theme.


Bộ công cụ Makerspace
SKU: 180011   
Parts: 786 pcs (168 electronic modules included)/ 6 boxes 
User: 4 students/kit
(This kit includes 4 set of Box number 1, 4 boxes for 4 students; Box number 2-3 is public material for 4 students)
Students: 11-14 yrs old